Международный молодежный образовательный Форум Сәләт

International Youth Educational “Selet” Forum

The idea of the forum is to create the educational environment that unites youth, passionate about intellectual creativity, interested in spiritual and cultural enrichment. The forum is the real territory of the Tatar – Russian bilingualism, the platform for exchange of experience and ideas in the field of education and Technology.

Школа «Фәнсар»

“Fensar – Intellectual Constellation” Academy

The “Fensar” Academy is a youth educational project that is aimed at identifying and supporting the science-oriented youth through the creation of conditions and opportunities for schoolchildren to receive supplementary education.

Школа вожатых Сәләт

Counselors School

The Training School for Heads and Counselors of “Selet” is a strategically important project that is aimed at training and building of one solid team of heads and counselorsfor the implementation of “Selet” specialized summer sessions. As part of the project,throughout a year there is trainingin the following areas: working with gifted children, teamwork, getting to know the traditions and principles of “Selet”, designing and holding of various events for children, making an appropriate programme for a specialized camp and others.

Сәләткә нур булган йолдызлар

Seletke nur bulgan yoldyzlar

“Seletke nur bulgan yoldyzlar” is an open literary contest that is held by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan and the “Selet” community together with the “Idel” and “Yalkyn” magazines.

Интеллектуальный клуб «Мирах»

Club of Intellectual Creativity - IK

The goal of the project is to unite and develop young people interested in intellectual activities. To achieve this goal, thesolves such a task as training and practice of logical thinking skills, playing intellectual games of different genres.


Selet Image Studio

“Selet” Image Studio is focused on creating the image of the “Selet” community. It is in charge of developing the brand-book and corporate style of “Selet” and manufacturing the original outfit for its projects.