Counselors School

The Training School for Heads and Counselors of “Selet” is a strategically important project that is aimed at training and building of one solid team of heads and counselorsfor the implementation of “Selet” specialized summer sessions. As part of the project,throughout a year there is trainingin the following areas: working with gifted children, teamwork, getting to know the traditions and principles of “Selet”, designing and holding of various events for children, making an appropriate programme for a specialized camp and others.

The aim of this project is to build professional teams that are in charge of the “Selet” summer sessions. This School fulfils the task of building a solid team for every “Selet” summer camp and of helping the students to adapt in the “Selet” community.

The project was first implemented in 2002 with the participation of 55 students from higher education institutions in Kazan and Tatarstan. Since 2014, the project has expanded and is now calledthe School for Heads and Counselors of Summer Projects of “Selet”. Every year more than 200 representatives oftalented youth of the Republic of Tatarstan participate in the work of the School.