International Youth Educational “Selet” Forum

International Educational youth Selet forum was held in 1997 with the participation of 120 children. The forum was held in the historical and archaeological Museum-reserve in Bilyarsk (150 km from Kazan) with participation of children and young people from all districts of Tatarstan,from the dozens of regions of Russia and from countries near and far abroad.

2014 on behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R. N. Minnikhanov and with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Forum gathers more than 5,000 gifted and talented young people, famous figures of science, culture and arts, public figures.

Traditionally, the main guest of the Forum annually becomes R. N. Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“Selet is the intellectual center that brings together young and talented leaders of our Republic and other regions of Russia. You are the basis and the mainstay of the future of our country and our Republic! ” – said Rustam Minnikhanov.

The idea of the forum is to create the educational environment that unites youth, passionate about intellectual creativity, interested in spiritual and cultural enrichment. The forum is the real territory of the Tatar – Russian bilingualism, the platform for exchange of experience and ideas in the field of education and Technology.

The Forum – is a space of innovations and traditions

The introduction and assimilation of the traditions and culture of the Tatar people and people living in the Volga region, and moreover, the introduction of innovative approaches to the development of gifted individuals contributing to the personal development of young people. The program intertwined traditional events with innovative technology culture, leisure, sports and educational activities. Forum Selet is a space of a real Tatar-Russian bilingualism because the events here are held in the Tatar and Russian languages.

The forum is a territory of the resource communication

 The resource communication is established at the Forum between participants at all levels of interaction: at the level of camps, events, educational programs. The inclusion of interactive forms of work contribute to enrichment of the participants, improvement in the process of working together at the master classes and workshops, meetings and general activities of the Forum.

The forum is a territory of development and success

The Forum's program includes several levels of educational activities (personal, group, and generally for the all forum participants), each, of course, creates conditions for the formation of a proactive attitude, motivation at reaching the success, resource and personal development of the participants. The forum program lays the groundwork for further participants’ work, returning to home.

In 2017 on behalf of the President the Forum was held in the form of 2 shifts. Both shifts were discussed the possible mechanisms of development of the territory of Bilyarsk Museum-reserve, the leading experts master classes and scientists of Tatarstan and Russia, in addition, there was the laboratory of professional samples, where the guests could get acquainted with the JuniorSkills program  and professional competence.

The forum is a unique platform which demonstrates the intellectual, creative and spiritual potential and the energy of youth, daring innovative projects, the space for the formation of intercultural dialogue, the dialogue between the authorities and young people, the dialogue of generations.