Bilyar Kalasy

Dates: June, 25 – July, 8

Participants: schoolchildren of grades 8-11

“Selet-Bilyar Kalasy” is a summer session that is aimed at educating versatile and socially active children and youth through familiarizing the schoolchildren with the origins of their national culture. The importance of the “Selet-Bilyar Kalasy” camp consists in the creation of conditions for self-identification of gifted youth and in the promotion of tolerance, ethno-cultural heritage and folk art. The counselors, teachers and experts who work during the session, possess a high standard of knowledge and competences. This camp is a unique platform for the development of creative potential and education of a successful individual with active civic stand, a patriot who is personally interested in the development and prosperity of the homeland.

The main objectives of this camp are:

- creating conditions for the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Tatar people and expansion of international and cultural cooperation;

- developing initiative, independence and aspiration to self-improvement during lessons, master classes, creative workshops and open lectures;

- inculcating social activity and active civic stand.


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