The Educational laboratory “Sanak-lab”

The Educational laboratory “Sanak-lab” is a fascinating class of all year round for schoolchildren in IT directions in the Selet’s house (Ostrovskogo 23, Kazan ).

The educational program includes preparation for computer programming competitions, studying of computer linguistics and speech technologies, web-development and robotics; the creation of mobile applications and computer games, the study of 3d-modeling.

The classes are provided by the best students, post-graduate students and teachers of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The program is for 12-18 years children. Groups are formed by age and level. A maximum of 10 people are trained in each of them.

The training is conducted from October to May, and also there are two exit sessions for them.

The training Directions

- the creation of AR/VR applications for mobile devices and glasses in 3D Unity;

- the system administration;

- the creation of sites;

- circuit engineering;

- 3d modelling;

-the sport (Olympiad) programming.